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Julius Fruit

Freshness and health. Respect for nature, the environment and consumer. This is Julius Fruit. Only the best quality products become Julius fruit. Only when the production process respects nature is fruit called Julius. Only happy customers make Julius happy.

Top quality

For more than 40 years we have been selecting the best quality fruit which we handle with care to preserve its freshness and quality and distribute throughout Europe. All the languages of Europe mean the same thing: Top Quality.

Flexibility and Speedy Distribution

Julius is a private, very dynamic company. Only a private company like Julius is enough flexible to quick adapt to market needs. Julius is able to supply large and small quantities of fruit, choosing from a wide range of products and packaging.

Julius' fruit is packaged loose, in single layers, in 1 kg punnets, 1 kg netted punnets, in over-wrapped flow-packed punnets and trays, which are labeled and priced. The whole process is super fast, able to meet even last minute orders. Julius is a very dynamic company.


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